Construction Administration

We help our clients keep their construction projects running smoothly and on schedule through construction administration services. We provide support to the construction manager, general contractor, and owner during construction by assisting in interpretation of technical documents, leading/coordinating with the consultant team, responding to questions, checking/processing shop drawings, and visiting the site during construction to observe construction status. We are proactive in our approach to help reduce potential conflicts during the fast paced, complicated construction process.

Example of scope of  construction services are listed below:

  • Review Contractor submittals and requests for information (RFI)
  • Review Contractor’s pay requests
  • Clarify and interpret the intent and scope of the Construction Documents
  • Prepare revised Contract Drawings to illustrate and document approved Change
  • Provide assistance in the review of the Contractor’s requests for change orders
  • Prepare Change Orders for the Owner’s approval and executionAnswering questions during construction
  • Construction observation – visit the site periodically during construction to observe progress and quality of the Work
  • Submit written reports of site visits and meetings
  • Keep the Owner informed of the progress and quality of the Work
  • Notify Owner and Contractor in writing of any work not in conformity with the Construction Documents
  • Make recommendations as to correction of the deficiencies or defects
  • Review construction materials testing
  • Assist the Owner in checking as-built drawings in regard to certifying progress payments